We all need coaching.

Whether we get coached by our own mothers, our friends, the chatter from a Facebook group, or an online course, we need tools that are outside of ourselves to help us to see our own lives more clearly.

Life coaching will change your life. Having someone else ask you questions, will help you discover the ways you’re keeping yourself stuck so you can break through and achieve your goals.

We offer several coaching options. Check them out. If one sounds right for you, reach out to us!


Get One-On-One Coaching

If you want to dive deeper with Sterling, read about coaching with her below and schedule a discovery call.

Get Coached Live on the Podcast

Schedule a call with Sterling for live coaching for the Mama Tools podcast. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching coming soon! Stay tuned!

Meet Sterling Jay

I work with moms who feel two things at the same time. First, they’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel guilty about being a hot mess mom. Second, they have this feeling that something is missing, that there’s a dream inside of them trying to come out. So their heart says, “Hey mama, God wants you to do something.” But then the brain comes in and says, “No, we can’t! We’re drowning. We can’t add anything else.”

That’s where I come in.

You absolutely can and in fact, you must. If God has planted a dream in your heart, He wants it to come out. I can show you how to free up two hours a day to achieve that dream whether it’s losing weight, having a wonderful marriage, starting a business, writing a book, or simply loving the mom life you already have!

I homeschool six kids under 10 while running a business and I love my life! I can show you how to get to the end of the day and feel like you rocked it!